Buckle Up: Guide To Belt Buckles


Belt buckles

Some people may not even notice it, but belt buckles are very essential to a man’s (and a woman’s) wardrobe. Without them, belts will not even function properly. These buckles are the reason people don’t have to worry about baggy pants anymore. And, more importantly, they provide a stylish effect to even the simplest design of belts.

Want to know more about belt buckles? If your answer is yes, then read on and discover that there is more to belt buckles than just being a connector.

What Are Belt Buckles?


Foosball History

We all know what they look like, but for those who don’t, here’s a simple definition of belt buckles:

Simply put, belt buckles are clasps that fasten belts or straps together. Belt buckles are usually attached to one end of a belt, and with them, the user can fit or adjust the belt according to his/her preferences.

The term “buckle” comes from the Old French and Latin word “buccula,” meaning “cheek-strap” for helmets. These buckles are widely used on different kinds of belts, including baldrics, baltea, cingula, and waist belts.

History of Belt Buckles


Foosball History

Belt buckles have been around for a long time. The earliest record of buckles being used goes way back to tribe hunters and their buckles that were made of antlers or bones.

The Roman soldiers also used to put their body armors together with straps and buckles, which were made of bronze or iron and designed according to their preferences. Some of these decorations embody various animals.

Back then, belt buckles were only exclusive to rich people. When the 15th century hit, though, more affordable buckles were made using improved manufacturing techniques, so they were eventually released to the general public.

Americans also had their share of belt buckle history, especially in the Western era. By this time, buckles were created using silver or turquoise, and as time passed, belt buckles became even more popular--- thanks to motion pictures that were Western-themed.

Aside from Western ones, belt buckles which featured flags became popular with the public. These flags often had the words “American by birth, southern by the grace of God,” “United we stand,” or “God bless America.”

Types of Belt Buckles


Foosball Types

We commonly see only one type of belt buckles, but there are actually different types:

Box-frame Buckles

Box-frame belt buckles are solid and rectangular in shape (box-like). They have a metal tongue that connects them to the belt.

Box-out Buckles

These are very fashionable belt buckles, but not usually worn for function.

Clip Buckles

A clip buckle is the large and mostly decorated type. It has a big plate with a peg that pops into the belt when worn.

Frame-style Buckles

Frame-style buckles are the ones with the oldest design known to mankind. They have a frame and prong combination, in which the latter connects to the end of the frame.

Plate-style Buckles

Plate-style buckles have three hooks that hold the buckle to the belt.

Snap Buckles

Snap buckles have the mechanism that makes it pop securely into a special belt.

Traditional Buckles

Traditional buckles have the classic appearance, and are usually made of nickel, brass, or silver. They also come in single-piece or three-piece clamp.

Belt Buckle Styles

There are also many styles of belt buckles to choose from--- from western to superhero buckles. Here, take a look:

Western Buckles

Belt Buckles Western

Also called cowboy buckles, these ones are considered as the most popular style among all kinds of belt buckles. As the name suggests, they are of southwestern, western, or cowboy themes, and are mostly embellished with gems and stones.

Armed Forces Buckles

Belt Buckles Armed Forces

These buckles have designs that represent the different branches of the Armed Forces, such as the Air Force, Navy, and Army.

Biker Buckles

Belt Buckles Biker

Biker buckles have designs that feature motorcycle images, as well as eagles and guns. Sometimes, they also feature motorcycle manufacturers’ names as designs.

Sports Buckles

Belt Buckles Sports

Like the name suggests, sports buckles have designs that feature logos and names of specific sports teams, as well as players’ names.

Superhero Buckles

Belt Buckles Superhero

Superhero buckles are for the true-blue nerds. These buckles have designs that feature various superheroes--- from Superman to Spiderman, to Green Lantern and Captain America.

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